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Going Green: how to use the color of the year at your event.

Pantone's color of the year is Greenery. A trend I am excited about because it will never go out of style. The hue is symbolic for fresh new beginnings, which is the perfect way to describe a wedding, a baby shower, a retirement party, and any other big life events.

Going Green doesn't mean you have to use the color full force in the linens or attire but it means that you can get creative in where you add it. It can be used in a neutral and earthy way or as the main focus of a design.

If you are having an outdoor wedding use the trees around you and hang flowers and fabric from the branches. Use fresh potted plants to line the aisle or get some wild flowers to attach to the alter.

Inside you can use succulents to decorate the tables and it can also double as a wedding gift to your

Twin Cities Florist

guests. Grab some fallen pine and create garland for the head table. A fantastic filler is Eucalyptus. It is the perfect filler for any


bouquet and will add a gorgeous aroma to the space.

Greenery is a great way to add color but also save money. We get clients asking all the time on how to save, adding fillers such as Baby's Breath, Ruscus, Ivy, and many more will add volume to any arrangement but not cost an arm and a leg. Using the materials around you can create a simple and elegant design.

Interested in learning more about ways to use greenery or want to set up a consolation to make your vision come to life. Click here and schedule and appointment or give us a call at (651) 276-6899.

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